Nearly 20% of our population have a disability that prevents them from experiencing the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits that nature provides. By making a gift to Wilderness Matters, you will help increase accessibility to the outdoors for all individuals, both disabled and well-bodied.

Your tax-deductible donation is most important to Wilderness Matters and will help us raise awareness and contribute to projects that lead to greater access to nature for all, particularly Oklahomans with disabilities. We invite you to join us in this worthy cause knowing that we are improving the quality of life for so many.

We hope you will join us in unlocking Oklahoma's great resources, and in making the wild accessible to everyone.  This is important, we think, because wilderness, does indeed matter.

You may give by mailing a check to:
Wilderness Matters, Inc.
6608 N Western Avenue PMB #229
Nichols Hills OK 73116